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The Texas Forestry Museum offers these tours and activities for groups visiting the Museum. Activities are also offered about a specific topic upon request. The Texas Forestry Museum is very flexible with times and group size. Each item listed takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete. Mix & Match to create your perfect museum adventure!

To schedule a tour call the Education Coordinator, Kaitlin Wieseman at (936) 633-6069.

Sawmill History Wing Students are guided on a tour about the history of East Texas sawmills and daily life in a mill town. They can hold artifacts from sawmills while on the tour.
Outside Train Exhibit Students are guided on a tour of the outdoor exhibits, which includes the depot, train, and caboose. They can ring the bell on the train and look inside the caboose.
Papermill Room Students are guided on a tour about the history of Southland papermill and how it was important to Lufkin and East Texas. They will also learn about the process of papermaking.
Paper leaves Students create a paper leaf critter with this fun craft.
Papermaking* Students learn how paper is made and make their own piece of paper.

* no more than 10 kids per rotation for this activity
Animal Vertebrates Students glue q-tips on a paper animal silhouette and learn where the bones are located.
Christmas Icicle Ornament Students use pipe cleaners and beads to make a Christmas ornament for their home.
Exploring Trees Students learn about tree rings and what they can tell us. They also play a game to learn about what a tree needs to live, grow, and be healthy.
Forestry Professions A staff member leads the students through a card search game. During the game, students learn about forestry professions, the skills needed for those professions, and the people who work in those positions.
Wildlife Bingo! Students play bingo while learning fun facts about Texas animals.
Water Cycle Game Students travel through the water cycle as water molecules in this game. They learn the various steps of the water cycle and the various paths water can take.
Inside Activities
Bird Beak Buffet Students use several tools that immulate birds' beaks to pick up food. The students have to figure out which tool represents which bird's beak and match it on a worksheet.
Black Bear Students learn about Black Bears, their habitat, characteristics, the food they eat, and more!
Build a Tree
(STEM activity)
Students work in teams to build a tree out of playdough and toothpicks. There will also be an extra challenge of trying to support a marble in the tree.
East Texas Animals & Their Habitats Students learn what an animal's habitat includes and discuss some East Texas habitats. They also can touch East Texas animal hides.
Sawmill Doctor
"Then & Now"
Students learn how people and doctors dealt with medical conditions such as burns, fevers, coughs, cuts, etc. in sawmill towns. They also learn about the spread of diseases with an activity involving the students washing their hands.
Outside Activities
Color Scavenger Hunt Students find certain colors outside on the museum's trail while on a scavenger hunt.
Lifecycle of a Tree Students discover the tree's lifecycle by enacting a tree's life. Then they take a walk on the museum's outdoor trail and try to find trees at various stages in their lives.
Nature Hike/Hiking Guidelines Students go on a short nature hike on the museum's trail. Students and museum staff will discuss safe hiking guidelines.
Tree Identification Students learn to identify six trees and they create a journal about the trees such as its common name, human uses for the tree, and wildlife uses for the tree.
Wildlife Is Everywhere! Students discover how to find signs of wildlife and go outdoors to find them. They also learn what all animals need to survive in their habitat.